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Set your brand apart and build customer loyalty with Metro Communications commercial and retail music solutions. To explore our exclusive catalog of 100+ programs designed for every audience and holiday occasion click here.



Messaging on Hold

On-Hold Messaging from metro Communications is an effective marketing tool that turns dead air into opportunity. Reinforce your advertising and promotional efforts, maximize your marketing dollars and enhance your company’s image by making the most of your on-hold messaging. Click here to learn more.

Sound Systems

Our sound systems are only limited by your imagination, and no one has more experience than we do at helping businesses maximize customer experience through the latest in sound systems integration. We can help you find the best way to integrate all of your media solutions for maximum impact and value.

Digital Signage

Digital signage opens the door to new design possibilities in retail spaces, creating a digital display that perfectly complements your products and store architecture. With their eye-catching visuals and dynamic messages, retail digital signage displays can transform an unremarkable store visit into an inviting and innovative shopping experience.  Click here to view our nine screen solution for Lexus. Learn more about MVision here.

Satellite TV

Let Metro Communications help you create an atmosphere that people will love returning to time and time again with programming packages featuring sports, entertainment, news, and family content. Our expert technicians will handle everything from set-up and installation, to training and testing to ensure your Satellite TV service and system perform to your complete satisfaction.

Waiting Room TV

Engage your patients, your customers or your clients with Waiting Room TV from metro Communications. Offering high-quality content from CBS with no competitor ads, you can reduce patient anxiety, perceived client wait times and unwanted wait room disruptions by keeping your patients, customers and clients entertained and engaged.

Drive Thru

We can ensure that your QSR team is ready for action with the latest in drive-thru system technology, including headsets, timers, and maintenance programs for every application and budget. We offer high performance equipment and full-service maintenance programs that won’t let you down during the rush!

Sound Masking

Metro Communications transforms environments that change people’s lives. We create more privacy, greater comfort and improved safety by providing cost-effective ways to enhance acoustic privacy. Our Sound Masking solutions can help ensure your medical facilities compliance with HIPAA and other industry privacy regulations. Click for information about Sound Masking for Call Centers, Financial Institutions, and Healthcare Centers


Turn to us for comprehensive surveillance solutions that empower your staff, drive productivity improvement and reduce shrinkage while making your facilities safer and more secure. From CCTV systems to advanced remote multi-location monitoring systems, we can custom design, install, integrate, and maintain all of your CCTV technologies and systems.


Your brand can be reinforced by the scent associated with your business. Choose from our catalogue of 1,200 scents to create an exceptional first impression and lasting memories associated with your brand. Differentiate your business with the right scent to build your brand. Click for more information on scent for Retail, Healthcare, or any additional business.

Conference Rooms

Audio/visual conference rooms are a necessity as your business grows. Whether it’s your typical conference room, a boardroom, or an auditorium, we can design an audio/visual solution to fit your environment including integrated audio conferencing system, LCD displays and centralized control systems, with seamless, easy-to-use technology for even the most non-technical of users.

Video Conferencing

Reduce travel expenses, close more sales and conduct more engaging, inviting meetings with your clients and employees from around the world with Video Conferencing. With vast improvements in quality, availability, and ease of use, and with the ability to interact and share content in high definition, today’s Video Conferencing is as close to “being there” as you can get without actually making the trip.